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US Environmentally Extended Input-Output (USEEIO) Model

Impact indicators include:
Job Levels, Value-Added, Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy, Water, Land Use and Health Factors for 389 industry sectors using data from:

US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
US Census Bureau County Business Patterns
Contributions from State and Local Agencies
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Loren Heyns, Programmer Analyst
Georgia Department of Economic Development
Center of Innovation for Energy Technology

Wesley Ingwersen, EPA Project Engineer
US Enviromental Protection Agency
Southeast Region #4

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US Environmentally Extended Input-Output (USEEIO) Model

  • USEEIO is the national model for estimating life cycle environmental performance of all US goods and services.
  • The data model can help identify prosperous areas for development with fewer adverse impacts.
  • The model is used by companies like Amazon and Microsoft to estimate carbon emissions.

Embeddable Widgets


To develop, customize and improve community-focused web resources that integrate USEEIO widgets with other data sources to inform community sustainability practices and innovative new development.


Tools for Industrial Ecology Modeling (TIEM) using the EPA's API data. Web tools are on the right - pulling data from USEEIO API .json files.

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Lifecycle Tool Contributors

Coders, Designers, Data Collectors
Community Reps, Educators, Government and Nonprofits

  • Programmers (Professionals, Volunteers, Students)
  • Designers (UX/UI Experts, Students K-12 and College Level)
  • Data Collectors (Google Sheets and CSV Files)
  • Data Scientists (Machine Learning and AI)

For Coders & Designers

Locally Focused Apps


  • Tell us what information is helpful
  • Update state data in Google Sheets
  • Reach out to inform your educators and community members

For Local Community Reps

Environmental Data for Teaching


  • Involve students in creating apps for your community.
  • Expand on lifecycle tools for use in education.
  • Collaborate with coders and designers using GitHub.

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Integrated Applications


  • Add Lifecycle Tools to your website
  • Embed Data Visualizations
  • Add new data feeds, including local state directories

About the Model

Contribute to Lifecycle Tools

  • Integrate APIs and update embeddable components
  • Customize a page for a location or impact topic
  • Point a domain at your free GitHub Pages site
  • Add new front-end functionality

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