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Sustainable Communities Web Challenge

In 2021, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Georgia Department of Economic Development will be partnering with Code for America to implement tools for local communities to identify opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability through modular, open source web applications. The 2021 Sustainable Communities Web Challenge will expand on development by Georgia Tech Smart Community Corps (SCC) students who worked with the EPA's Southeast Region #4 and the Georgia Centers of Innovation during the summer of 2020 to add tools to the US Environmentally-Extended Input-Output (USEEIO) model of industries, households and the environment.

The new tools for states and local communities will make analyzing changes in industry input and output levels easier for businesses, community planners, teachers and students through a collection of modules that can be added to any website. The embeddable input-output widgets use data precompiled by the EPA from dozens of sources to provide environmental impacts for hundreds of industries. Amazon is among the companies using USEEIO data to set goals for reducing their carbon footprint to net zero.

Contribute to projects with the US Environmental Protection agency in areas like waste to energy, the transition to electric vehicle manufacturing, environmental impact indicators, advanced biofuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Challenge contributors will create online tools using Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) county and zip code data, which compares industry and commodity areas across 24 environmental indicators assembled by the EPA. Participants can compete from anywhere in the world, and international trade modules are encouraged.

To participate in the challenge, register below. An invite will then be sent to join our developer Slack workspace where you can join one or more team channels to collaborate. Participants are encouraged to document their time contributions so judges and teams can reward individuals based on their levels of involvement.

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Event Location: Virtual Zoom meetups and Slack channels

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About the US Environmentally-Enabled Input-Output Model (USEEIO)

The EPA has created a new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) model of goods and services in support of Sustainable Materials Management. This freely accessible model is in use by experts in industry, academia (24+ U.S. universities), the nonprofit sector, and other federal agencies. In 2019, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy Technology partnered with the EPA Region 4 to develop the country’s first state version of the national USEEIO model, which now provides the Application Programming Interface (API) for the current Web Challenge. Additional states will use the new online tools and widgets in the year ahead.

If you are a Georgia community representative interested in learning more about participating in this opportunity, contact Costas Simoglou, Director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Energy Technology, at [email protected]

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