Web Challenge - Project Areas

Contact Democracy Lab to sponsor an upcoming web challenge.

Steps for creating a Community Website

1. Identify your community of interest and register

Your community can be a neighborhood, city, county, region of a state, or multiple states.

2. Discover important local issues based on the industries in your community

Use our lifecycle comparison tool to identify local issues.

3. Join or form a new team

Create or join a team for your city or community. You may also form a coding/design team focused on specific project areas. You can return to your registration page later to add team and project info. Use the link in the email you receive during registration.

4. Create a community page

Check out our existing community pages and learn how to make your own. The easiest way is to fork the apps directory, then copy and edit an existing app folder. Also, clone the localsite repo into the same webroot as the apps folder to provide support files. Read more about how to create your own local site.

5. Create beautiful content and add new functionality

Create new visuals and content for your community page. Embed new or existing USEEIO widgets in your page. We encourage page designs that can be reused by multiple communities.

Learn more: Hot to Create a Local Site Page