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ReadyMix Concrete

Environmental Product Declaration

Product Profile
ReadyMix Concrete X
Amount Per:
1 m3 of 10,000 psi concrete at 28 days
Global Warming Potential (kg CO2 eq) 445
Emitted    460
Sequestered    -15
Ozone Depletion (kg CFC 11 eq) 0.000
Acidification (kg SO2 eq) 2.96
Eutrophication (kg N eq) 0.09
Smog Formation (kg O3 eq) 0.61
Primary Energy Demand (Mj) 3017
Non-renewable    3000
Renewable    17
Community/Region Profile
Region Y
County A, County B, County C
Individual Footprint
Individual Z
Monthly Commute (miles) 210
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