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Sustainable Materials Management

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Environmental Impact
Acid Rain (ACID)
Freshwater Ecotoxicity (ETOX) - Chemicals and Natural Materials
Water Eutrophication (EUTR) - Excess Nutrients, Oxygen Depletion
Global Climate Change (GCC)
Respiratory Effects (HRSP)
Toxic to Humans (HTOX) - Both Cancer and Noncancer
Ozone Depletion (OZON)
Smog Formation (SMOG)
Resource Use
Energy Use (ENRG)
Land Use (LAND)
Minerals and Metals (MINE)
Water Use (WATR)
Waste Generated
Food Waste (FOOD)
Hazardous Waste (HAZW)
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Economic & Social
Jobs (JOBS)
Value Added (VADD)