Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Production of
Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass in the Southeast​

Valerie M. Thomas​
Georgia Institute of Technology​
Atlanta, Georgia​ ​

Production of fuels and chemicals from biomass can potentially support rural economies and support economic development with low environmental impact.​

The USDA is sponsoring a research project involving researchers at Northwestern University, University of South Florida, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and LanzaTech, on technology for production of fuels and chemicals from biomass using reversal of the β-oxidation cycle This specific technology could produce, for example, components for plastics made from wood waste rather than from natural gas or petroleum.​

We are interested in conversations with stakeholders, to hear about the issues that matter to community members, to environmental advocates, and to people working all along the supply chain of fuel and chemical production in the southeast.

We will have a stakeholders meeting on March 3 at the Georgia Tech Renewable Bioproducts Institute and we welcome participation.​ USDA Sustainable Fuels Workshop
Renewable Bioproducts Institute, Room 114
March 3, 10 am to 3 pm

We are endeavoring to establish an ongoing network and will allow the voices of stakeholders to be reflected in the research.​ Southeast Coastal Partners is amoung the regional groups we've partnered with on the US EPA's sustainable material managment project.

Southeast Coastal Partners

"We are honored to have the agencies and their talented team working with us to improve Southeast Georgia lifestyles by attracting new industry. The programs allow us to focus on the workforce development which is one of the critical pieces in our tool belt moving forward." - Sidney Wildes

State and National Partners

Georgia Centers of Innovation
Georgia Department of Economic Development
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of Agriculture - National Institute of Food and Agriculture
US Department of Energy Biomass R&D Initiative

The New Bioeconomy: Advanced Biofuels
Biotech Industries - Cellular and Cell-free Bioproduction Systems